Avatar Céline Sclavo
    Moodle update - 21 November 2018
    par Céline Sclavo, mercredi 14 novembre 2018, 16:05

    Moodle will be updated to version 3.5.3 on Wednesday 21st November. No service disruption is announced.

    La version de Moodle sera mise à jour mercredi 21 novembre (version 3.5.3). Il ne devrait pas y avoir d'incidence pour les utilisateurs.

    Avatar Céline Sclavo
    Moodle upgrade - Tuesday 14th August (between 08h00 and 10h00) - Service disruption
    par Céline Sclavo, mardi 7 août 2018, 11:51

    Moodle will be upgraded to version 3.5 on Tuesday 14th August.

    Please note that Moodle will be not available between 08h00 and 10h00.

    Thank you for your understanding.